iOS or Android?

The argument about the superiority between these two mobile platforms is something that is likely to continue for a foreseeable future. They are both awesome mobile platforms that serve millions of users throughout the world. One thing that is clear is that they are not perfect; certainly, there are areas which both platforms can do with some improvements. There are varying arguments about which platform is superior. To help shade some light on this, let us look at these two in terms of their features.


Both the platforms have adapted the use of the touch interface which share a lot in common. They both have an OS that automatically boots to a home screen. Things then start changing once the home screen appears. In the case of iOS, the home screen only displays rows of app icons. With Android, the use of widgets to display auto updating information comes into play. In this case, rating them basically depends on a user’s taste and preferences.

User experience

According to a report that was released in 2013 by Pfeiffer Report, the findings rate iOS platform as being better than the Android platform when it comes to cognitive load and user friction.

Availability of apps

The android platform gets most of its applications from Google Play while iOS has its own Apple app store. Google Play Store has over 600,000 applications which can also run on tablets. On the other hand Apple app store boasts of having more that 700,000 apps. Out of that number, 250,000 of them are available for use in iPads. With that said, today, technology has made it possible for some of the original iOS-only app to be available in the android platform.

Both the Google Play store and Apple app store are without a doubt the most popular stores in the market.